Flying Dragon Tea House

436 Kings Road, Chelsea – 1967/68

The tea house was commissioned by Pussy Weber and Barbara Allen and produced by the design partnership ‘Omtentacle’ comprising myself and Dudley Edwards.

The exterior of the restaurant (covering the whole window and facia board) depicts a heavenly dragon descending to earth, symbol of gods compassion, a tear from its eye waters the earthly dragon in the form of a plant (entrance door to the restaurant), symbol of gods presence on earth.

The dragons fiery breath parts the water on the beach to reveal the shop window and interior of the tea house. The 20 x 30 foot shop front was prepared with several layers of hand sanded primer. Flamboyant coach paint mixed with white household paint produced radiant colour to paint with.

The snaking body of the heavenly dragon was first prepared with silver leaf by F.G.Fowle (the fairground artist) before being painted in order to create a reflective surface for the setting sun along the Kings Road. The interior depicted a rising and descending white horse on opposite sides of the room, symbol of the earthly roamer

Two 42 sheet Anchor butter posters where obtained from the companies ad agency in order to montage its’ grass image onto the wall. Two cloud machines, placed in opposite corners of the room, created moving clouds and artificial grass placed as carpet with tables and cushions completed the outdoor effect.