Pen Drawings

Folk Tales

These images use everyday activities to comment on behaviour, customs and beliefs. Some moments may be magical or sometimes ordinary, light may triumph over darkness and events may or may not be real.

I draw about making and its contribution to ideas using a ballpoint pen to apply multiple layers of cross hatched strokes to construct areas of dense black. Sometimes the surface density is velvet in its blackness, sometimes the drawn edge has the look of worn linen.


Ballpoint pen 420mm x 297mm Behind the childs first steps, Promoting ambitious reach, Encouraging self balance and supporting goals, A sense of belonging.


Ballpoint pen 420mm x 297mm Control is exercised without having to stress out. Behaviour directed with no need to shout. A pat on the head and a yank of the chain Creates parameters and helps explain Why this has always been so.


Ballpoint pen 420mm x 297mm Boys and girls come out to play In their own particular way. Preparing for life, so they say. From fixed paths some may stray And learn a better way to play.


Ballpoint pen 420mm x 297mm In the spotlight, in need of a witness, The celebrity sparkles with care In full glare of the public stare. Against a background full of anguish The world spins its headlines of despair.


Ballpoint pen 420mm x 297mm Looking good and free of care, others can only stand and stare Wondering when the swell subsides what the carefree action hides.


Ballpoint pen 420mm x 297mm The stage is set for the seaside holiday With horizontal rest adjacent to vertical play. Colliding actions on a summers day Ensure a fine spray of righteous indignation.


Ballpoint pen 420mm x 297mm Taking a partner for life, Like walking on water, Can appear to be a miracle. Or the shallows before the shore Where the energy of the sea brakes.


Ballpoint pen 420mm x 297mm Natures little trinkets, Just the right size to play with. Getting smaller everyday As we get bigger. Toys discarded In an old desire To trifle with everything.


Ballpoint pen 420mm x 297mm Keeping some balance When walking a line Between learning to fall And seeing the sign That the hat will match When opposites fit and that will be it


Ballpoint pen 420mm x 297mm The place I live has edges Thresholds that can erode Fortified by rank and standing The hard engineering of tradition

Into the Woods

Ballpoint pen 420mm x 297mm Ancient companion Sun dappled delight Dark fairytale setting Hidden places of fright A personal choice

Head to Head

Ballpoint pen 420mm x 297mm The opposite of confrontation A close quarter conversation Standing together, touching feeling Eye to eye unblinking thinking One on one personal stories spun Tête-à-tête face to face Better than a keypad mate...


Ballpoint pen 420mm x 297mm A youthful dream to place life elsewhere A blazing desire for planting something new See it grow and evolve as intentions are honed Taking shape Into memories that can be owned