The environmental science roadshow ‘Sex & Bugs & Rock ’n’ Roll’ made its regular appearance in the Green Future Fields at the 2019 Glastonbury Festival. The specially designed tent contained a series of my tree portraits as part of a display that included artwork by Erica Nockalls of The Wonder Stuff Dr Emma Sayer of Lancaster University, Reader in Ecology at the Lancaster Environment Centre and creator of ‘Sex & Bugs & Rock ’n’ Roll’ emailed in April requesting a selection of tree paintings for display in the Glastonbury tent and as cover artwork for their woodland species chart booklet. The following image shows the tree pictures in situ.

The focus for Glastonbury 2019 was on ‘woodlands and climate change’. Richard Betts from the Met Office joined the Lancaster University team with support from the Universities of Oxford, Kent and Exeter, the New Phytologist Trust, as well as the Field Studies Council and the Forestry Commission. Festival-goers could spin wheels of fortune to learn about uncertainty in weather and climate forecasting, how much carbon is taken up by trees, hold conversations about personal contributions to climate change and much more. The photograph of team members shows Emma Sayer on the extreme left of the lineup.