‘Tommy’ Booklet

Selection of double spreads for the 12 page lyrics booklet that accompanies the album. The images continue to act as symbols for key moments in the story and follow the libretto more closely.

Window/cloud spread
The r/h image of window, candle and snow signifies the lonliness and longing expressed in the song Christmas. The l/h image with its formalised pattern of cloud and lightning uses weather as an analogy for the pain experienced by the principal character in the song Cousin Kevin.

Magic tricks spread
The image, full of tricks, is about an illusory drug state and illustrates the song ‘Acid Queen’.

Mirror spread
The image is about revelation, illustrating the song ‘Go to the Mirror Boy’.

Pinball Wizard

Images develop through the book towards the libretto’s cynical conclusion pictured in the formal pattern of an audience in a trance repeating, as a visual rhyme, the message see, hear and speak no evil.

Holiday camp
The final image is paced over two pictures, one on the inside back page and the other on the back page of the booklet illustrating the holiday Camp as a dream and a ruin as the dream is abandoned.